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addonFood Tours & Wine Tastings
Starting at $145 pp.
Along this trail, get acquainted with the history of wine and the secret of how to keep long lasting traditions alive. Learn the different characteristics of wine, how distinguish the acidity and taste, and flavor pairing with food.
Starting at $73 pp.
Enjoy a gourmet walking tour of Florence and enjoy tastings of Italian coffee, truffle tasting, local cheese, Tuscan olive oil, balsamic vinegar, wines, cured Tuscany meat, a traditional Tuscany dish, Vin Santo with Cantuccini and an artisan gelato.
Starting at $39 pp.
Enjoy some of the many delicious tastes of the Tuscany region. In small, intimate groups, an expert sommelier will give a detailed explanation of the various flavors and background of the history while guiding you through the tastings. Begin with a tasting of 3 different types of Tuscan Wine: Chianti classico, a pure San Giovese and a white wine. Then, try 2 types of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Everything will be accompanied by a selection of Tuscan cheeses.
Starting at $73 pp.
Enjoy a gourmet walking tour of Milan and enjoy tastings of local pastries, Culatello and Prosciutto di Parma (cured meats), eggplant parmigiana, Italian meatballs, pizza and an artisan gelato.
Starting at $45 pp.
This fun 3-hour guided bike tour, covering 9 miles, lets you see the best of the city (Roman Forums, the Colosseum, the Jewish Ghetto, the Circus Maximum, Campo de’ Fiori square, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain) and taste some of the food Rome is known for (Roman croissant, thin and crunchy pizza and homemade ice cream).
Starting at $73 pp.
This food walking tour explores the Monti neighborhood, a district rich in historical monuments and churches and considered the prettiest, most characteristic and off the beaten path area in Rome. Located between Piazza Venezia, the Roman Forums and the Colosseum, Monti has an amazing medieval setting with a maze of streets and alleys and many small family run shops, restaurants and bars.
Starting at $124 pp.
Take a scenic, leisurely horse ride through the Chianti countryside.  First, you'll have a horse riding lesson.  During the ride, stop at a 14th century Villa estate for a Tuscan meal with wine and olive oil tasting and a tour of the cellars.  NO previous riding experience required.  The tour is not permitted for children under 14.  Difficulty: Easy ride.
Starting at $111 pp.
This guided wine tour and fully supported bike ride in the Tuscan countryside begins with a 25-minute shuttle ride out of the busy city center to reach a Renaissance noble Villa- the starting point for your bike ride.
Starting at $71 pp.
A special and unique excursion from Rome - this wine tasting tour takes you to one of the oldest and most beautiful wine-producing estates of the Frascati region.
Starting at $83 pp.
Take a wine voyage around Italy without ever leaving the heart of Rome with this one-of-a-kind wine and food tasting experience.
Starting at $71 pp.
Experience the best of Milan nightlife on the picturesque "navigli" (ancient canals) and sample three wines (or another drink of your choice) and various regional foods as you stop in a variety of local wine bars and locales.
Starting at $59 pp.
The tour begins by exploring the Jewish Quarter in the Cannaregio district, a less frequented area that the Venetians refer to as being the most authentic. The Jewish Quarter was the first of its kind in the world and served as inspiration for Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It is still an active center for the Jewish community, and the surrounding alleyways, bridges and canals have maintained their unique identity throughout the ages.
Starting at $124 pp.
Fire up your itinerary with an unusual combination of three Italian brands, Ferrari, Balsamic Vinegar and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese.
Starting at $123 pp.
Enjoy a guided wine tasting of 4 limited-edition Tuscan wines and a typical Tuscan four-course dinner at a 17th century villa surrounded by vineyards and located 10 minutes away from Florence city center.
Starting at $19 pp.
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at a Bar-Enoteca, located at the beginning of the Via dell'Amore with incredible panoramic views of the sea. Yvonne, the owner and sommelieuse, will introduce you to four different local wines and accompany them with local snacks like focaccia bread, pesto and olives. Take it all in, and take some pictures too!
Starting at $47 pp.
This afternoon, Alessandro, a young winemaker from Manarola, will meet you in the center of Manarola. Together you will walk to the harbour to admire the colorful houses of Manarola and to the cemetery located in a wonderul panoramic position. Then you will reach Alessandro's vineyard through an unpaved path.
Starting at $14 pp.
In Monterosso enjoy a tasting of wines from winemakers only from Monterosso. You will taste a conventionally made Cinque Terre DOC white wine, a naturally and traditionally made local white wine and the famous local sweet wine, Sciacchetrà.
Starting at $47 pp.
This morning, Andrea, a young winemaker from Riomaggiore, will meet you in the center of Riomaggiore. Together you will take a short ride on a public bus to the small village Montenero, where he will show you his vineyard and you will get an unforgettable view of all five villages of Cinque Terre.
Starting at $431 pp.
Enjoy a full day private tour in the southern food and wine valley.
Starting at $447 pp.
Enjoy a full day private tour to the southern wine land.
Starting at $447 pp.
Enjoy a full day private tour in the southern food valley with tastings of mozzarella and figs.
Starting at $278 pp.
Enjoy a lunch or a dinner at Tenuta Torciano Winery & Vineyards in San Gimignano.
Starting at $663 pp.
On this tour you will visit the two iconic villages in Cinque Terre: Manarola and Vernazza. Traveling down the coast, you will arrive at Manarola, one of the smallest towns in Cinque Terre. This quaint village is known for its fishing and wine making. It is surrounded by vineyard trails and gardens with beautiful views you will have the chance to admire. Continuing on your journey, you will arrive in Vernazza, the gem of Cinque Terre. Dating back to 1080, Vernazza is known for the beauty that surrounds this historical village. It is one of the truest fishing villages that remains and is one of the few no car traffic towns in Italy. You will have the luxury of admiring this gorgeous town while on a romantic walk to discover the Capuchin Cloister.
Starting at $357 pp.
In between the rolling hills of Chianti you will discover the rich history from the medieval villages, and taste the local delicacies along with the famous Chianti Classico wine. Chianti is a land known for its small towns, medieval castles and abbeys, and ancient wine making traditions. On your journey through history, you will visit the most scenic villages of the region: Castellina in Chianti and Montereggioni- a town surrounded by medieval walls and towers created to protect the city during the wars between Siena and Florence. In these picturesque villages, you will stroll through the gorgeous hilled vineyards then stop at a quaint farm for a tasting of this regions amazing wine. Along with wine, nothing pairs better than Salami of Cinta Senese (A special breed of pork from this area).
Starting at $338 pp.
Venture to the beautiful countryside of the Orcia Valley to discover ancient, hilltop villages, rows of vineyards, and culinary specialties while surrounded by unique scents and amazing tastes. Crossed by the Orcia River, from which the Valley was named, this amazing region of Tuscany has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, and it is considered to be a rustic treasure with breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes. While in the Orcia Valley, you will visit the most beautiful villages of the region including: San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni, Rocca d’Orcia and Monticchiello- all known for their historical architecture, ancient churches, gorgeous landscapes, and thermal baths.
Starting at $306 pp.
Take a journey to the two most historical villages in Tuscany: San Gimignano and Volterra, along with the city of Colle di Val D’Elsa. While on the way to San Gimignano, take a stop in the town of Colle di Cal d’Elsa, named after the River Elsa that crosses the valley, which is considered the capital of Italian Crystal. For 800 years this is the location where beautiful crystal glass is produced and transformed into gorgeous and unique handmade works of art. Have the chance to witness the crystal glass making first hand in a traditional factory in this amazing town.
Starting at $290 pp.
There is no better way to discover the true essence of Chianti than to hike through the rolling hills and vineyards, taste its famous wine, and eat traditional Tuscan dishes.
Starting at $616 pp.
Have the chance to create your own signature wine along with a professional winemaker!
Starting at $378 pp.
Have the chance to take an amazing tour in a vineyard to learn how the perfect grape is cultivated. Under the guidance of an expert, the whole vineyard will be at your disposal for a unique hands-on experience in the science, production, and study of grapes. You will learn the importance of the positioning of vines, and why particular methods are chosen, the effects of different soil compositions, the strength of climate, the value of not using artificial water applications, various pruning and defoliation systems, and the most important aspect- the time of all processes (only during harvest season will you have the chance to participate in grape picking).
Starting at $296 pp.
Embark on a fascinating hunting experience to the outskirts of Chianti to “dig out” some amazing natural treasures- Tuscan Truffles. The truffle hunt will take place at the site where the famous battle of Monteaperti took place in 1260. Here you will learn all the secrets to the Tuscan Truffles including: their characteristics, properties, differences, and how to store and use them. This hunting experience will take place with an Expert Truffle Hunter and his wonderful dogs. The “Lagotto” (the special dog breed), makes truffle hunting possible. They are working dogs with the natural gift of searching with their keen sense of smell. The Lagotto is a very loyal, affectionate dog who is very attached to their owner, while social with others too. They are the perfect companions for your Truffle Hunt!