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All About Italy Vacations

Launched in 2009, ItalyVacations is the sister company of America's oldest and largest travel company to Italy - Perillo Tours.

Perillo Tours was founded by Joseph Perillo in 1945. It was a time when well-heeled Americans set aside a month to visit Italy, and Joseph would arrange for his client's trans-Atlantic crossing, a private guide to greet them in Naples, hotel reservations, museum tours and letters of introduction.  With all arrangements done by telex and mail, a trip could take six months to prepare!

In 1975, Joseph's son Mario Perillo streamlined the operations and made arranging trips easier by combining chartered aircraft and motor coach sightseeing. By the summer of 1978, he was filling three 747s a week with first-time visitors to Italy.  The price, including airfare, hotels, meals and sightseeing for 2 weeks, was $699 per person!  Perillo Tours quickly became a household name and Mario was dubbed "Mr. Italy."

When Mario Perillo passed away in 2003, his son Steve Perillo felt the a mission was clear: to combine the expertise of Joseph's customized services with the mass buying power of Mario's group tours.  Now, Steve proudly presents ItalyVacations!

Perillo has a long history of escorting travelers to Italy, so with ItalyVacations you can be sure that this is not just another assortment of travel booking links. With 75 years of experience creating exciting itineraries, filling Italian hotels, hiring services and accommodating the most "interesting" customer requests - ItalyVacations is the ultimate one-stop-shop for creating your custom itinerary to Italy.

ItalyVacations is designed to be easy to use and is backed by our vast experience in creating quality packages that are exciting, well-paced and fun.  So you can be assured that everything we offer meets our standards of quality.  We are happy to help you make arrangements, but for many of you, we know that's the fun part!  So ItalyVacations.com allows you to build your own Italy Vacation and we're always here to help by phone or e-mail.

Here, anything is possible.  Take a guided tour of Venice and Rome followed by a wine tasting in Tuscany, or try a cooking class in Sorrento with a rental car to Puglia and 3 nights in Taormina.  And just in case you are interested in something you don't see on our site, just ask - we will make your trip as spectacular as you dream it to be.

Book your vacation to Italy with ItalyVacations and know that you're entrusting your vacation to the most experienced team of Italy travel professionals around. Since we know our business so well, we know that traveling is sometimes not as smooth as we planned. There are often dozens of connections, arrivals and departures to deal with. Weather, traffic, mechanical difficulties and other influences can mar your serene experience. Unknown companies, new tour operators, and giant booking websites can't offer you the support, advice, and experience that we can.

ItalyVacations will be here for you before, during and after your trip. That's our pledge and that's your peace of mind.

Thank you for using Perillo's ItalyVacations - brought to you by one of the oldest and most trusted travel companies in America!