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Must Sees in Rome

  • The Vatican and Sistine Chapel
  • Basilica di San Clemente - Built between 1110 and 1130, the Church of San Clemente is three churches built one above the other. Its ruins date from the earliest Christian times
  • Terme di Caracalla - The ruins of ancient Rome’s public bathhouse, dating to the 3rd Century
  • Roman Forum and Colosseum - The commercial, political and religious center of ancient Rome with the magnificent grand arena as the centerpiece
  • Trevi Fountain - The most photographed fountain in Rome
  • Capitoline Museum - Museum that features Old Master of Great Renaissance and Baroque paintings

The heart of Western Civilization

On the surface, Rome is the incomparably beautiful Eternal City, endowed with some of Italy’s finest architecture, ancient ruins, Renaissance art, and eclectic cuisine.

But, as you experience the city’s many gems you will begin to appreciate Rome as the beating pulse of Italy’s beloved culture.