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City of benevolent chaos

Naples, Italy

This city's trademark pandemonium has manifested itself through a passionate and lively energy that will utterly absorb you if you dare to appreciate its charms.

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Must Sees in Naples

  • Campi Flegrei - burning fields that are hot springs.
  • Vomero - part of town built on a hill also known as the "green district".
  • Castel dell'Ovo - on a small island of the coast.
  • Chiaia-San Ferdinando-Posiliipo - fishing harbor Santa Lucia.
  • Maiori - popular beach area.
  • Ravello - the home of many music festivals
  • Vietri sul Mare - famous for ceramic art

Map of Naples

Naples is inhabited by a particular essence, one that either brings its guests to the very heights of elation, or drags them to the fiery depths of discontent. This is a place where enthralling culture and amazing cuisine are paired with an abundance of activity and noise.

Even today, a cultural duality persists in Naples, although in a slightly tweaked form. Traditionally the joys of food and the most scenic of natural surroundings were maladroitly complemented by organized crime and dilapidated neighborhoods. But in Naples' recent past Italy has taken notice of its culture, which persisted as captivating despite the many things working against it. Much to our delight, visitors to Naples now enjoy its fabled pizza and excellent wine before and after a performance at the famed San Carlo opera house and casual strolls through the mysterious labyrinth of ancient streets without feeling threatened. But do not be fooled: Naples is still an extremely energetic city with little to no order or organization. Naples can be thoroughly enjoyed if you're willing to take its idiosyncrasies in stride and consider them a lively complement to an exotic culture and cuisine that are begging to be embraced.

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There are hundreds of small shops that sell local handmade products. Walking around the Quartieri Spagnoli, there are dozens of craftsmen selling handmade nativity scene figurines, Capodimonte porcelain, cameos and gouaches. There are also shops that sell leather goods and gold and silver jewelry. Piazza Vittoria has Marinella is famous for its ties. Lastly, a visit to the Antignano market will delight shoppers in search of elegant clothing and shoes.


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