Lake Como

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Lake Como

Italy’s most scenic lake

Aerial View Lake Como, Italy

Since the 17th century, the deep blue, opulent waters of Lake Como have been considered one of Europe's most charming destinations.

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Must Sees in Lake Como

  • Bellagio: Lake Como's most extravagant village.
  • Villa Serbelloni: Vacation house of Pliny the Younger in Bellagio that provides guests with beautiful gardens.
  • Bellagio Lido: Bellagio's best beach.
  • La Punta: Bellagio's public beach.
  • Ezio Giradone: Private boat tours of Bellagio.
  • Villa Caroltta: One of Como's most popular attractions offering beautiful gardens (In Tremezzo).
  • Basilica San Giacomo: Bellagio's 12-century cathedral featuring lovely mosaics.

Map of Lake Como

The way one appreciates its sublime beauty today is just as it was when it was inhabited by vacationing European aristocrats: exploring its perimeter in a luxurious yacht or cruise boat, promenading in around its splendid coast or through its quaint villages, having a refreshing swim, and, of course, taking advantage of its world-renowned silk.

An effective way to conjure up an image of Lake Como is by imaging a Jane Austen novel set on a sapphire lake. Historically, Europe's aristocracy came to soak in Como's charming and soothing environment, to sip refreshing drinks, indulge in its cuisine, swim, and have light conversation while cruising in their yachts. Today, while Como has changed quite a bit, it still retains its quiet, carefree air that is perfect for a relaxing and rewarding vacation. The resplendent Lago di Como, just north of Milan, is an unusually shaped lake, very elongated and in the form of an upside-down Y. While swimming is a must, an especially elegant way to take appreciate the Lake is by admiring it from a dockside café or by with a casual walk around its lakefront. Como's silk industry is still very present, and despite the fact that it no longer produces its own, its elegantly woven fabrics are the basis to all of Italy's high-fashion, in everything from Armani to Versace. Bearing this in mind, whenever you need a break for the Lake's splendor, go try on some silk scarves, blouses, or ties in either the city of Como or one of its many other waterfront towns.

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Shopping in Lake Como

Silk: scarves, blouses, ties, and lingerie, etc.

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