Italian Riviera

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Italian Riviera

For the lovers of life’s simple beauties

Vernazza Harbor in Cinque Terre, Italy

The Italian Riviera attracts a different kind of visitor, one who is ready to soak up Liguria's warm sun, delight in the crystal clear Mediterranean, and indulge in the relaxed and easy pace of Italian life.

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Must Sees in Italian Riviera

  • Portofino: The Riviera's most elegant locale.
  • Cinque Terre: Seclude coastal area with five amazingly quaint villages.
  • Via Aurea: A street in Genova filled with Renaissance palaces.
  • Genova: Liguria's capital.
  • San Remo: The Riviera’s glamorous seaside town.
  • Ventimiglia: Coastal town famous for its botanical gardens.
  • Bordighera: Lovely coastal town.

Map of Italian Riviera

The Riviera's enthralling culture has many faces, which are sometimes best absorbed lazing on a sandy beach, enjoying an espresso at a cliff-top café overlooking the sea, or sipping a crisp Ligurian white wine paired with a pasta and pesto dish at a harbor-side trattoria.

The Riviera is one of the Italy's most unique and stunningly beautiful coastlines, known for its pristine beaches rolling to and from jagged seaside cliffs and coves. Interspersed throughout are some of the quaintest villages imaginable, most famous of which is Portofino. In recent years Cinque Terre has received much attention for its natural beauty that visitors enjoy while casually walking between its villages. Then there are places like Bordighera, a town so special that it even stole the heart of the famous French Impressionist Claude Monet. Next door, just before crossing the French border, is Liguria's Ventimiglia, which is famous for its Botanical Gardens. The Riviera is also home to glamorous locations like San Remo, where guests can gamble the night away sipping luxurious cocktails at chic casinos. And, of course, no visit can do without passing through Liguria's capital, Genova, to stroll down the Via Aurea, or Golden Street, an avenue covered in magnificent Renaissance palaces.

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